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The Problem and
Our Solution

Slide Problems with Civic Society When we look at the way the world handles information, we know something needs to be done. Bigotry over Bias Bias in itself is not bad if it is noticed, however the bigot not only sees the world a certain way, but condemns anyone who sees it differently. Lack of Perspectives We often aren't willing to listen to different perspectives. This means we lack empathy when interacting with people different from us. Clickbait Culture Often, titles are more important than substance. If we can’t understand something in 30 seconds, then we don’t bother to. Instant Opinions Since information is instantaneous, opinions are instantaneous. Too often, people instantly hold an opinion on something that they have not sought expertise on. Twitter reveals this daily. Reliability of Sources While more people's voices need to be heard, and the hold on information should not be limited to a few outlets, not all sources are equally valid. Google may find the source, but discerning citizens need to assess its validity.

Slide Our Solution To cultivate thinking citizens and confront the problems we see in civic society, our curriculum pushes students to to read closely, think deeply, and write analytically. Multiple Perspectives By allowing students to analyze the multiple perspectives laid out in primary sources, students can recognize the complexity of both the past and present. Empathy for different perspectives is formed. Historical Thinking We believe that the historical thinking skills at the center of our curriculum are transferable skills to any civic context. Students who can identify causes, make evidence-based comparisons, contextualize events, and identify trends and changes can face the ever-evolving public world equipped to think through any challenge they are presented with. Depth over Breadth Rather than simply identifying a cursory timeline of history, our DBQs explore unique historical topics in depth, helping students to avoid exploring the past merely on the surface. Depth in the classroom cultivates a longing for deeper knowledge outside of it.

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