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Slide Historical Thinking Empowers.

Historical Thinking Promotes Equity.

Historical Thinking Cultivates Citizens.
Our vision is that all students will mature into thinking citizens, equipped with the essential skills to participate in a robust democracy. Therefore, with constitutional principles as our foundation, students will be empowered to analyze information effectively, think historically, and write persuasively in order to build a more democratic future.

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Drives Us.
At Thinking Nation our mission is to provide schools with a rigorous history curriculum and assessment tools to help cultivate thinking citizens.
The Problem When we look at the way the world handles information, we know something needs to be done. Our Solution We believe that the skills embedded in our curriculum will better equip students to be informed citizens. The Constitution and Civic Engagement. The U.S. Constitution is the foundation for our democratic society. That is why we include connections to it in each of our DBQs. Data-Driven Instruction is Better Instruction We understand that teachers need data on student performance to meet student needs. Our data reports help teachers focus on whatever students need most. Historical Thinking Skills Our focus skills align with both the AP history curriculum and academic history, promoting a more cohesive k-16 educational experience. Thinking Nation, the Common Core, and State Standards We align our curriculum to the Common Core to best prepare students for high-stakes testing in English-Language Arts.

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Skills-Based Curriculum
Our DBQ-Based Curriculum allows students to practice interdisciplinary reading, writing, and analysis skills necessary for success in all subjects.

Standards-Aligned Rubrics
Our rubrics are common-core aligned and focus on key writing skills measured across disciplines and on high stakes exams.
An Online Platform
Our curriculum can be administered exclusively online or in PDF form, allowing teachers to assign and teach DBQs both virtually and inside the classroom.

Measurable Data for Student Growth
Teachers are given easy-to-read data reports on student performance so that they can better tailor instruction to maximize student growth.

Expert Teacher-Graders
Our graders are teachers too! They have classroom experience and are thoroughly trained using Thinking Nation rubrics in order to ensure personal, yet cohesive, feedback on student essays.

Performance Tasks without Time-Consuming Grading
One of the biggest deterrents for administering rigorous performance tasks is the hours of grading that comes after. Our grading service gives teachers this critical time back.

Citizen Development Global Context Constitutional Principles Primary Sources Argument Development

Slide Developing students' ability to think and write effectively shouldn't mean that teachers have to grade all weekend. We all want students to become better writers and thinkers, but we often don't have the time to develop these skills. Through Thinking Nation's online authentic assessments and essay-grading for schools, teachers can maximize their time to prepare expert instruction. By providing standards-aligned data, teachers can ensure the success of their students. Explore Resources

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with us.
We believe in empowering young citizens to think historically. Join us as we seek to develop a "thinking nation."
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